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Window VPS Best Price
Window VPS Hosting

per month*

  • 2 Core
  • 1 GB
  • 40 GB
  • 1 TB

Experience the convenience of Windows OS and the robustness of Private Servers in a comprehensive, affordable bundle. Choose from a wide range of plans or start building your Windows VPS right from scratch.

Unprecedented VPS performance now at your door-step.

Window VPS Hosting Plans

  • Windows 1 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 35.64/mo
    $ 41.93 /mo
    Total Price : $ 1282.91
    2 Core Processor
    1 GB RAM
    40 GB Storage
    1 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 2 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 48.39/mo
    $ 56.925/mo
    Total Price : $ 1741.91
    3 Core Processor
    2 GB RAM
    60 GB Storage
    2 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 3 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 61.14/mo
    $ 71.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 2200.91
    4 Core Processor
    3 GB RAM
    80 GB Storage
    3 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 4 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 72.61/mo
    $ 85.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 2614.01
    4 Core Processor
    4 GB RAM
    100 GB Storage
    4 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 5 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 81.54/mo
    $ 95.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 2935.31
    4 Core Processor
    5 GB RAM
    120 GB Storage
    5 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 6 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 87.91/mo
    $ 103.43/mo
    Total Price : $ 3164.81
    5 Core Processor
    6 GB RAM
    150 GB Storage
    6 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 7 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 96.84/mo
    $ 113.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 3486.11
    6 Core Processor
    7 GB RAM
    200 GB Storage
    7 TB Data Transfer
  • Save 15% on Window VPS Hosting
    Windows 8 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    $ 107.04/mo
    $ 125.93/mo
    Total Price : $ 3853.31
    6 Core Processor
    8 GB RAM
    250 GB Storage
    8 TB Data Transfer
Window VPS Reliable Support

Window VPS Hosting Package Features

Window VPS Manged Support

Available as both Managed and Unmanaged VPS

  • Free Set Up
  • Custom software installs
  • Core level firewall, spam & antivirus
  • Full SSH and root access
  • Out of band console shell
  • Custom DNS Name Servers
  • Zimbra Reliable Email Support
Window VPS Manged Support

Secure, Reliable and Expeditious Support

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 Support
Window VPS Manged Support

Multitude of Hosting Benefits

  • Zimbra Reliable Email Support
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Multiple OS templates to choose
  • At DialWebHosting, we use latest tools and technologies to offer best application support to our users, including ASP.NET, MS SQL, Python, PHP 5, etc.
Window VPS Manged Support

Powerful and Customizable Addons

  • Dedicated IP address, premium bandwidth
  • Control Panel Options
  • Minimum 24 GB RAM
  • 1 Gbps connectivity
Window VPS Manged Support

One Click Backup and Restore

  • Optional backup
  • Backup with a click
  • Restore contents in a blink
  • Create Multiple restore points
Window VPS Manged Support

Complimentary Migration Support

  • Avail free support while migrating
  • Meticulously-drafted migration plan
  • Free support post migration
  • Migrate without risks

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting

ParametersShared HostingVPS Hosting
UptimeRelatively LowHigh
Resource AvailabilityDepends upon trafficResource is always available
SecuritySecureHighly Secure
Customization and FlexibilityOffers little customization and flexibilityHighly Customizable
Managed or UnmanagedAlways provider-managedAvailable as both managed and unmanaged service
CostLow costRelatively expensive
Low end/High endLow endLow or High end depending upon specifications
Ease of UseEasy to use and manageUnmanaged hosting can be daunting

Window VPS Hosting Testimonials

  • I cannot thank you guys enough for your help. Finally, after months of struggling with my shared server, I decided to switch to a VPS hosting. After some research I stumbled upon Dialwebhosting and I could not be more satisfied.

    Samuels, Nixon

  • I was quite surprised to know that a provider allowed you to build Windows VPS Hosting from the scratch. Fast deployment, great support and routine maintenance is what surprised me the most. Great works Dialwebhosting.


  • After a lot of loitering around, testing applications, we found the perfect VPS provider for our business. Dialwebhosting instantly became our choice after they committed complimentary, hassle-free migration. Within a few hours, representatives from Dialwebhosting got in touch with us, drafted a migration plan and smoothly migrated us to their servers. Thank you again, Dialwebhosting.

    M. Robin

  • There wasn’t much left of the shared hosting I had been using. After my site became popular, it was clear I had to make a move to a private server. The advantage of Windows VPS is that you get to know how dedicated servers will fit your, without spending enormously. However, a few months into the service and I am staring to like Windows VPS already. I think I should credit Dialwebhosting for the excellent work they have done.

    Richard, J.

Window VPS Hosting Faq's

A virtual private server bridges the gap between a dedicated server and a shared hosting server. It has features of both these types of web hosting techniques and will be the right choice for you. Here at Dial Web Hosting, we offer an array of Windows VPS server hosting plans with unique features and advantages. These benefits include are managed reliable support, web hosting support, powerful and customizable add-ons and more. Contact us for detailed information about Windows VPS Hosting plans.

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