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CentOS is an open-source Linux distribution system. CentOS is a stable, manageable platform that can be replicated by anybody without any restriction. It is developed, maintained and managed by its users and voluntary contributors. It is a shortened form for Community Enterprise Operating System and was first released in 2004.


CentOS project is a community-driven software that provides the cloud providers and hosting companies a computing platform. CentOS project is a structure similar to the Apache Foundation and has a body of board members governing it.


One of the biggest advantages with CentOS is that it does not require many releases frequently as it a very robust and stable application. It does not have many bug issues and security holes. It is a lightweight, reliable, fast and highly stable.


CentOS is a compatible binary clone of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). It has a huge community of developers and system administrators that are ever willing to lend a helping hand to the newcomers and users. There are several CentOS focused support forums and knowledgebase available on the internet.

CentOS is one among the several distribution platforms, preferred by businesses of all sizes and can be seen on almost all types of servers.

Use CentOS stream

CentOS stream is an upstream open source development platform that allows individuals to develop, test, and contribute to the community. It is a continuously delivered distribution that tracks along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

As an effective solution between Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the CentOS stream allows users to contribute their stuff in the development of the next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and allows testing of supported software and hardware in advance of the release.


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