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WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. A wireless LAN or WLAN is basically a network which permits devices to communicate and connect wirelessly. On the contrary to traditional wired LAN (in this devices communicated on Ethernet cables), in wired LAN, communication is done through Wi-Fi.

It might look different, but functions similarly. Utilizing DHCP, new devices are configured and added. Similar to the wired network, they can do communicate with network devices. The only difference is the way of data transmission. In LAN, data transmission is done on physical cables in Ethernet packets’ series and in WLAN, data transmission is done on air utilizing Wi-Fi protocols. 

With time, the popularity of wireless devices has grown to a great extent. That’s why we have WLANs today. Wireless routers are the most sold routers and server as the base station, offering connections to Wi-Fi enabled devices that are in the range of the wireless signal of the router. It includes tablets, laptops, smartphones, and devices like smart home controllers and appliances. They often associate to the cable modem or internet-connected devices in order to offer internet access.  

WLANs and LANs could be combined together utilizing bridge which connects these two networks. In addition, wireless routers contain Ethernet ports, which offer connections for limited wireless devices. 

In many cases, wireless routers work as the bridge in combining Wi-Fi connected devices and Ethernet in the same network. It permits wireless and wired devices so that they can communicate via a single router. 

Benefits of WLANs -

The biggest advantage of WLAN is the elimination of cables and devices in order to easily connect wirelessly. It permits businesses and homes to make local networks with no need of wiring with Ethernet. Additionally, it too offers a way for tablets and smartphones to get connect with the network. These are not limited via numerous ports on the router; hence, it can support numerous devices. WLAN range could be extended via adding repeaters. WLAN could easily be upgraded via replacing routers through latest versions, which is considered as the cheaper and easier solution rather than upgrading the outdated Ethernet cables. 

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