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Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting is basically a service, which facilitates the customers to build up their own hosting packages and resell the same packages to the end customers as per their wish. Reseller hosting is also referred to as Bulk Hosting. What is best about Reseller Hosting is that you can do it without even having proper technical know-how about the same. In Reseller, hosting the reseller can make use of the disk space and bandwidth in accordance with his need. He is the one who decides how much he desires to sell to a third-party customer. The rates are also decided by him. He can charge higher than what he is paying to the hosting company.

Windows Reseller Hosting is growing by leaps and bounds.  It has marked benefits over Linux Reseller Hosting. With Windows hosting, a person can take the assistance of potent applications such as ASP.Net and ASP in order to build various applications for the web. Such features are not present for the Linux reseller hosting. The ASP.Net and ASP in the windows reseller hosting make you run well-organized as well as prevalent content management system.

Windows reseller hosting provider can easily keep track of different clients by making use of a single control panel. You can have the PHP and MySQL based Control Management System with ASP.Net SQL website.

Windows-based technology ropes in wonderful avenues in the arena of mobile applications. The well-known Enterprise level databases such as SQL Server, Access are used across the globe. The new SharePoint Server and services, and other Microsoft Windows applications for the web design as well as development have become quite sought after.

The Windows reseller hosting business has become very lucrative. When profits rope in fast, more and more people like to venture into the same. 

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