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Administration of Unix and Linux server can get complete control over their servers using the Webmin. It is a web-based interface to set up files and user accounts, open source applications like Apache, DNS and many more. It removes the need to manually edit Unix configurations and the administrators can manage the system remotely. It was originally developed by Jamie Cameron but now has many contributors offering patches and translating to many languages. Webmin can be distributed freely and users can modify and distribute for both commercial and personal use. It is open sources and distributed under the General Public License(GNU). 

The latest version is the Webmin 1.801 that has brought in many improvements and changes beneficial for the users. "recent logins" is a new feature that has been added to the System Information page. It has fixed a big issue that was lingering in the new Authentic theme. It has brought about many features for updating multiple packages, translations and many more. Installation of the latest version of Webmin1.801 tool and future updates can be done using the Webmin Repository and it is also likely to get the future updates done through the repository. The installation procedure is the same for all the Linux flavors like Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS etc. 

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