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Webalizer is a free web server file analysis program that offers detailed configurable usage reports in HTML format that can be viewed with the standard web browser. It is a useful tool that gives the website's information to simple questions like during which period of a day and on which day of the week was the traffic to the website maximum, which IP address made the maximum number of requests and what is the most popular URL on their website. Some of the major benefits and features of Webalizer include the website owners can get access to the latest information as the log files are updated on a daily basis. The log files can be viewed online or can be downloaded with software like WebTrends or FastStats.

Webalizer terms include:

Hits: Is a request made to a server.

Files: Some requests to the server are sent back in the image or HTML page. This is termed as file:

Pages: Any HTML document.

Sites: Request made to server from an IP address is referred to as a site. 

Visits: The time gap between the previous visit and the present visit from a particular IP address

Kbytes: Amount of data in KB that has been sent by the server.

Top Entry & Exit Pages: The first URL visited and the last URL viewed.

Referrers: The URLs used to visit the site.

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