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Web Server

A web server is a computer which can deliver web pages. Every web server will have an IP address and a domain name in most cases. When you install server software on a computer and connect the computer to the Internet, it can be converted into a web server. The web server, therefore, functions as a system which is responsible for delivering content and services to Internet users. It will comprise of a physical computer, an operating system for the server and software for facilitating HTTP communications. This is why the web server is also called an Internet server. It will run HTML files across an HTTP connection.

The web server uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP for sending files that create web pages to the users. These are delivered as a response to their requests which get forwarded by their machine’s HTTP clients. All computers hosting sites must have web server software; the best-known web servers today include Microsoft’s Internet Information Server, Apache, Novell’s NetWare server, and IBM’s Domino servers.

Web servers serve a very important function. When businesses want sites to be accessed by users, they will need to place it on web servers. So, the web server basically puts a site on the Internet to make it accessible by users. When the user types in any domain name in the search engines, the browser links the server; this server then fetches the pages requested and responds to this browser. When you choose a web server, you will be able to enjoy all its resources like disk space, memory, and bandwidth. With a web server, you can enjoy complete control over the server; you can also customize it to suit your requirements. Any server will need a climate-controlled and moisture-free environment for storage. When you choose a web hosting service provider, it will offer you many benefits for ensuring that the server has all that it needs for performing optimally. 

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