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Web Host

A web host is an organization that provides server space and other resources like memory, processor, bandwidth, etc. to an individual or business to house their website or services on the internet. The websites are housed on computers that are called servers. Servers are offered in the three forms of dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS hosting.

Internet users type the website address on their computer browser and their computer will connect to the website pages which are delivered onto the visitor’s computer screen. It is important that the entire process is done at high-speed. Visitors do not like websites that take long to upload the pages. It is one of the primary responsibilities of a web host to make sure they provide high-speed network connections.

Another crucial requirement from the web host is maximum uptime. Servers require continuous power. The web host must be redundant with power backups to fall back on in case of power outages. They host the servers at resilient data centers offering all the infrastructure facilities at no additional cost.

The best web hosts extend 24/7 technical support over phone, chat or mail. It cannot be predicted when an issue could arise with the server that could affect the website performance.

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