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Virtual Storage Portal

A web-based application that is contributory in enabling end-customers and institutions in order to view, edit and manage storage (rented through a third-party cloud hosting provider) is known as Virtual Storage Portal. It makes providence for users in order to make them able to manage and forecast storage resources, regardless of the storage infrastructure that is in use. Generally, Virtual Storage Portal is a storage control panel based on the internet that can be accessed through the web-browser interface. Its providence is done via cloud hosting provider at the backend. 

With effective use of facilities offered by Virtual Storage Portal, customer or user is capable to subtract as well as add storage space in the future. Also, it may protect the users' needs as per the usage trends. Authorization and access rights are as well offered via virtual storage portals to the administrator so that he/she can perform access granting to third-party subordinates or administrator. By doing so, they will be capable of measuring performance done via storage infrastructure. 

It hardly makes any difference to virtual storage portal' infrastructural idea if provisioned storage may be through pooled resources community, hybrid cloud hosting provider, private entity or may be via public resources. A few economists aptly say it as an era of data and information technology. Thus, different types of Virtual Storage Portals do available within the market. 

Some companies are offering basic plans free-of-cost up with a certain storage amount limit. In such hosting plans, you just have to make the payment to the company, at the point of time when storage gets filled. A few people raise data security issue on the third-party Virtual Storage Portals, however, ideal companies secure privacy and data of users utilizing sophisticated encryption algorithms. 

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