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Virtual Server Backup

Virtual server backup is a process where the data on a virtual server is duplicated and stored as a protection against any data loss. Virtual backup can be done in the normal traditional way of the installing software in each virtual machine but this can lead to burdening of the machines and filling up the shared resources like RAM, CPU, storage or network. This not only adds up the costs but can also lead to performance degradation creating resource contention. When there are more than one entities looking for the same resource only one will be able to get it leaving the others frustrated and waiting. This challenge keeps recurring whenever high performance is required. This has led the IT managers to adapt to virtual technology.  

Virtual machines have given the user more applications on the same hardware at the same cost and at a much faster pace. Virtualized specific tools like VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) or the Microsoft owned Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) are implemented to capture point-in-time snapshots of the entire virtual machine. The process is fast and restores any lost data on to the new virtual machines and also clones the virtual servers on demand.  The drawback in this process is that the entire server snapshot has to be restored even if there has been a loss of only one or two applications leading to over utilization of storage space.
Data duplication is another process of backup. It is also called single-instance storage and consumes lesser storage than the process of snapshots. Most of the virtual server backups are done through VMM and the time taken depends on the volume of the file. Backups are first done on the disk and then offloaded to tape. Virtualization backup has simplified the disaster recovery process and made it more manageable. Virtual server backup continues to grow and will do so with the data increasing enormously. 

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