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Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network built by using public platforms such as the internet to access the private network. VPN leverages the internet for transferring secured and encrypted data. VPN can only be accessed by authorized users and it is not possible to intercept the data by unauthorized people.

VPN is regarded for the number of unique features in addition to robust security. Organizations can greatly benefit from VPN since the data can be accessed from any geographical location for enhanced connectivity and productivity. Organizations with global spread can use VPN to offer a secured platform for sharing information to employees and business associates.

VPN is preferred for the following reasons:
  • Assured protection
  • Ease and secured support for sharing of P2P files
  • Secured net access in public Wi-Fi environment
  • To hide one’s geographical location or IP address
  • Unblocking of blocked websites
  • For securing a home network
Sharing of data files within the group is possible with VPN in addition to the ability to bypass internet filters and downloads of torrents with anonymity. Change of IP address is possible if you are using a VPN. Users can also avail IP addresses for different countries.

VPN is basically designed for providing secured medium for data transfer. It also safeguards company’s online activity from intruders. Users can enjoy uncensored internet access to browse locked websites and much more. 

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