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Virtual Private Cloud Scales

VPC or Virtual Private Cloud is defined as the logic partition of public cloud multitenant architecture of hosting provider that supports private cloud hosting in the public cloud environment. They are related to the public cloud; however, they are not the same. Despite sharing space and resources in the public infra, you can do changeable resources’ allotment in order to configure. There are certain isolation levels in between you and users through private virtual communication construct like VLAN and private IP subnet on per user basis. It ensures a secure method of accessing cloud resources. The isolation in public cloud lends “virtual private” name as you are operating private cloud in the public cloud. 

Terms like virtual private cloud and private cloud are utilized wrongly as synonyms. In the private cloud, there is the difference and IT staff acts as a service provider and independent business units work as tenants. In this model, the public cloud service provider works as a service provider and subscribers of the cloud are tenants. 

The public cloud provider is accountable for making sure that data of every private cloud user remains isolated through the data of other customers inside the network as well as transit. It can be completed via usage of security policies needing a few elements like tunneling, encryption, allocating separate VLAN to a customer and private IP addressing.  

The major benefit of using the virtual private cloud is allowing enterprise in order to avail benefits provided by hybrid clouds without violation of compliance regulations. Virtual Private Clouds could become an extension of the data center of the enterprise without dealing with any complexities which making on-premises private cloud will require. 

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