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Virtual Private Cloud

VPC or Virtual Private Cloud is related to public cloud, however, they are different. Despite of sharing the space as well as resources in the public infrastructure, you can get changeable resources allotment for configuration. There is a specific isolation level in between users and you, through virtual communication construct (like VLAN) and private IP subnet on pay-per-user basis. It make sure secure way of accessing the cloud resources remotely. The isolation in the public cloud gives "virtual private" as you are operating the private cloud in the pubic cloud. 

It doesn't mean private clouds and Virtual Private Clouds are similar. When talking about private cloud, it is completely dedicated to an organization, including hardware, however, Virtual Private Cloud do not have similar hardware dedication and it only makes secure public infrastructure. You can think of VPC operating similar to VPN. You can utilize them in order to send the messages on the public internet securely as if you had personal network, however, it is not similar like having of your own. 

VPC or Virtual Private Clouds are utilized with the IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service providers. As shared resources like RAM and CPU are not always hardware provider' responsibility. There is a possibility of having different VPC providers and infrastructure. Although, having same infrastructure provider and VPS could help in cutting down on communication process and confusion in between you and web hosting provider. 

Features of Virtual Private Cloud -

Data Control - Virtual Private Cloud is isolated from the other clouds in network layer, therefore, you can control the data as well as prevent the same from mixing with other entities - risk for the public clouds.

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