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Virtual Machine

As is known, virtual means a replication of the real which is the closest representation of it. And the meaning is no different in the computing world. In the computing world, a VM or a virtual machine is a replication or emulation of the original computing system. The emulation is based on computer architecture and provides complete functionality of the computer system. The emulation system may involve specialized software, the hardware of a combination of both. VMs can be of different kinds and each would have a specific function of its own.

A system virtual machine is also known as full virtualization VM. It provides an apt substitute for the actual machine. Functionality is provided for executing the entire operating systems. There is something called the hypervisor which makes use of native execution and manages and shares hardware. This allows for several environments which are not in contact with each other but are on the same machine. Hypervisors of today make use of virtualization that is hardware assisted and software specific. Apart from the system virtual machine, there are process virtual machines that are designed for executing computer programs in an environment that is independent of platforms.

Virtual machines make life a whole lot simpler in the computing world. It is all about enhancing the convenience of operation in the computing world. 

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