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Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is a way of hosting a number of domains on a single server with each domain being treated separately. Virtual hosting is not to be confused with virtual private server hosting, which has less number of tenants hosted on the server and the user controls all software to be operated on that server operating system.

Virtual hosting can be either name based or Internet Protocol address based. The latter requires a dedicated IP address to be served for a particular domain name. The former is used when the client specifies a hostname. The web browser shall have the support for HTTP/1.1 protocol when the name-based server is used. Generally, there are issues with the SSL certificate site hosting using name-servers since the SSL handshake happens ahead of the domain name being sent to the server. This creates the conflict since a number of domains are hosted from the same IP address.
Virtual hosting is used by resellers of hosting space for hosting the websites of their clients. Shared hosting is a type of virtual hosting which is also the most economical form of web hosting.

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