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Virtual Desktop

A Virtual Desktop is when a user’s desktop interface is in a virtual environment. In this, all the parts of the desktop interface, such as folders, wallpapers, windows, toolbars, widgets, icons, etc. are stored remotely on a server instead of on a local PC or any other computing device.

To run and support virtual desktops, this remote server uses a software program called a Hypervisor which creates a virtual machine to simulate the user’s desktop environment. What the desktop virtualization software does is it separates the data, operating systems, and applications from the hardware client and stores it in a remote server. Through a virtual desktop, the user can access their personal desktop over the internet from anywhere using any device.

Here are Some Benefits of a Virtual Desktop:

 - Users have on-demand desktops to access from anywhere, at any time, and through any device.
 - Employees can have full access to their workplace desktops through multiple devices, such as their home PCs, smartphones, and ipads.
 - Users have more productivity because an internet connection means they can work from anywhere and at any time.
 - Since everything is centrally managed, stored, and secured, the need to install and update applications, back up files, and virus scanning is eliminated. 
 - Management of software assets is streamlined.
 - Data security is enhanced multiple times since employees wouldn’t have to carry confidential information around on a personal device, which can easily get lost or be tampered with or even stolen.
 - Data integrity abounds since all user data is backed up regularly at a central point. 
 - There is decreased desktop management and support cost.

Many vendors offer virtual desktop solutions. Some big companies that offer this are Microsoft, IBM, HP, etc. while some small players are TuCloud, Panos, Virtual Bridges, etc. Their services include the software that’s used to manage the desktop on the server, known as VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 

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