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Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual dedicated server (VDS) is a cloud-based service where the customer is allowed to provide an independent and isolated server with functions similar to a dedicated server. It is offered as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) over the internet. The servers offer the same features and functions similar to the traditional in-house dedicated server. The difference here is the virtual dedicated server is managed and offered on a monthly rental basis by a cloud service provider. The virtual dedicated server is a virtual machine and carries a few benefits over the traditional dedicated servers.
Virtual dedicated servers are far more effective in the utilization of resources and this results in it reduced costs and the savings are passed on to the customers. The second advantage is that it is far quicker to upgrade and increase the resources whenever required without any downtime in the virtual dedicated server but it takes at least a few minutes in dedicated servers as the technical staff has to go to the data center and physically add resources. The third point of advantage of the virtual dedicated server is the flexibility of migrating from one server to another during failure of any component ensuring continuity. 

The virtual dedicated server is different from shared hosting too. Resources like RAM. Processors, cores, storage space etc. are more in the virtual dedicated server. The customer gets root access and complete control over the server in the virtual dedicated server. The customer has a choice to install their own applications, operating systems, and databases. The virtual dedicated server is also popularly called virtual private server. The provider offers a web server plan, a mail server, FTP (file transfer protocol) program, and some similar features.  it is a good alternative for the small businesses that want to customize their website like in the traditional dedicated hosting but cannot afford its high costs. 

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