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User Network Interface

UNI or User-Network Interface in telecommunications is a point of demarcation between the service provider's responsibility and subscriber's responsibility. Ethernet service delivery is influenced by bi-directional Ethernet reference point according to UNI specifications. In order to reduce the delay of carrying voice traffic, smoothening of jitter is achieved by having a playback buffer or operating in a dedicated pipe.

User Network Interface implies various aspects of the demarcation point between the service provider and the subscriber. The physical implementation of User Network Profile over a bidirectional link provides different control, data, and management capabilities. These capabilities are essential for demarcation of two discrete domains. Location of UNI reference point is at the premises of the subscriber.

There are three planes in a User Network Infrastructure as described under:

 - Management Plane - Used for configuration and monitoring the UNI data plane and control plane operations

 - Control Plane - UNI control plane defines communication means for subscriber and MEN service provider

 - Data Plane - Used to define means of information transport

There are three types of User Network Interface. These are used for determining the ability of the customer edge to negotiate service connections. UNI Type 1 involves manual configuration of NUI-N and UNI-C by the service provider and subscriber. Unit 2 is used for link management interface and UNI Type 3 facilitates customer edge to negotiate service attributes to UNI-N. 

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