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User Interface Markup Language

User Interface Markup Language refers to a descriptive language which will allow you to create web pages that may be sent to an interface device, such as a smartphone which may not have a keyboard or a big display and even a personal computer having a large display screen and keyboard. The biggest advantage of using the UIML is the fact that the content can be created without even knowing which existing or future device it will be sent to. So, the developer basically uses this markup language for describing UI elements like text messages or input boxes, button, and menus. The programmer can then create applications using the UIML page for generating a page which will be right for every kind of device type whether it is a computer, a smartphone, a laptop or a voice output device.

The UIML is basically an extension of the XML or Extensible Markup Language. Any given UIML file lets you describe user input events as well as resulting actions. This concept of UIML was mainly based upon the wish to stop reinvention of the wheel where designing, development, and functions of user interfaces were concerned. The UIML, like most of the programming and markup languages, depend upon sub-application run times for interpreting and rendering markup codes as program codes which could be easily processed and then displayed in desired forms. 

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