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Uptime is a critical term in the computing world and is often used as one of the primary qualifying criteria for selecting any automated computing device. It is the term used to represent the duration for which the automated device remains up and running. It is the total duration for which the computer remains available for usage. It is the opposite of downtime and downtime is something every customer looks to minimize. So, whenever you are sourcing a server, you would like it to remain in working condition for the longest period of time. So, how do we know the duration for the specified server?

You need to go to the Start menu and type in CMD in the box specified for search. Now, the command prompt would appear. Once it appears, click on it and select it by a hold. Now hold control + shift and then subsequently press enter. Now navigate to the place where you have the uptime.exe utility feature. Run the .exe file for the facts you want to know.

Ideally, any customer would seek a maximum uptime so that this interface doesn’t miss out on any action. A 99.99% running time is what you should be looking for. This would mean 4 minutes and 19 seconds of downtime to deal with. 

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