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Unmanaged Server

An unmanaged server is much like a private computing system that has been assigned to you. It is a private server that has nothing on it apart from an operating system perhaps. All the applications and other systems required for the server to function have to be loaded by the user. At the maximum, one such server can have a control panel, that too if you have requested for it.

Unmanaged servers are preferred because they are cheap. When you do not opt for additional services and resources for server management, you end up paying much lesser as compared to a managed server which has all applications and additional helping tools loaded. So, if you are comfortable with the operating system that you have chosen, opting for an unmanaged server is possibly the most intelligent thing to do.

Unmanaged variants are considered to be more effective also because they offer loads of freedom. You can choose your own security devices, firewall protection, antivirus software and so on. When you choose a managed server, all the above choices are predetermined. You pay a hefty price tag for services or applications that you have not picked for your usage.

The success of an unmanaged hosting plan largely depends on the service provider you have chosen. 

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