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Unmanaged Hosting

Unmanaged servers are under complete control of the users and are perfect for the technical persons having knowledge in server back-ends. It is most suitable for system admins as well as web development professionals. In this kind of hosting services, users get autonomous control on storage space, usage, software installation, memory, and bandwidth. Unmanaged servers are cost effective and are most suitable for businesses that need high bandwidths.

Lots of differences between unmanaged and managed servers:

In the case of managed servers, support is offered by the host for every task or problem. No matter whether the problem is routine or emergency, all the supports are provided by the host itself. However, the extent of support is also limited to a certain extent. If you expect the host to provide your support on the coding problem faced in your blog, you have misunderstood. When it is a managed hosting solution, the supports are offered for the control panel, operating system, pre-installed applications, and server set-up. In most cases, this type of managed facility comes with automated back-up as well as monitoring facilities.

However, when it comes to unmanaged servers, hosts offer no server management facility. This means you will not get a routine support facility. However, it doesn’t mean that they will not reboot servers, maintain networks, or replace failed components. What they don’t do in unmanaged packages is that they don’t offer support for installing software for you. This means it is completely on you to manage to host including the installation of security patches, fix unconventional error messages, and others. In many cases, it has been seen that the control panels are not even provided by the host. It is the user who has to arrange for the panel. In case, the user gets stuck in any server management work then the host will offer basic help but at the charge of the hourly rate, which can make the entire management costly.

If you are a techie and don’t find installation and other technical issues problematic, unmanaged servers can be a good choice. 

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