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UNIX is the official trademark of a family of Operating Systems that is derived from AT&T UNIX. These multi-tasking and multi-operating systems were developed by Thompson, Ritchie, and others at the Bell Research Center in the late seventies.

The trademark was transferred in 1993 to the Open Group. In recent times the term 'Unix' has assumed more of a generic Identity for all such operating systems including Linux.

UNIX was the first operating system to be written in 'C' language. With a plethora of new ideas and extensions that were developed in multiple versions of UNIX, by individuals, universities, and organizations, it has matured over the years as a large freeware product.

UNIX has to its credit the unique distinction of being the first standard and open source operating system that openly embraced improvements and new ideas offered by anyone.

Standardization of a composite of C language and user command known as Shell interfaces that belonged to a variety of UNIX version was done by IEEE to introduce POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface).

One of the most popular derivatives of UNIX is available in commercial as well as open source versions. The number of companies, including Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Silicon Graphics is engaged in selling workstation products that make extensive use of UNIX Operating Systems. 

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