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Uniform Resource Locator

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the Internet address of the resource to locate any website, file, or a web page that is accessible in the World Wide Web. It not only contains the address but also indicates the protocol to access the intended location. 

Traditionally, URL is also recognized as a Web Address or Universal Resource Locator. In order to access the desired location, a URL should be entered in the address line of the Web browser. URL is mentioned as a string with words, separated with colons and slashes. The sequence of URL string can be written as scheme name://server location/port and resource location on server/fragment identifier. 

Following are the components of URL:

 - Name of the protocol to be used for file access
 - The domain name for identification of the computer on Web
 - Pathname
 - Hierarchical description for identifying file location in the computer

If a URL reads as, then it means that then it is for a typical image or a website. URL for a downloadable file would read as 

Credit for the development of URL goes to the Internet Engineering Task Force Working Group and Tim Berners-Lee who established URL way back in the year 1994. 

The commonest protocols used are HTTP and HTTPS. Secure URLs use the protocol of HTTPS. It should be noted that three letters (www) that usually appear at the beginning of the URL address have no significance. You can try writing any URL without these letters in the address bar to confirm this. These letters are only to signify that the URL is meant to be used in the World Wide Web. 

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