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'Ubuntu' is an open source operating system on the Debian based Linux distribution. It is derived from an African Zulu dialect, meaning 'humanity for others'. Ubuntu has all attributes of Linux operating system and incorporates an added GUI that is customizable.

Although Ubuntu is intended to be used on personal computers, it can be also used on servers with help of its Server edition. Ubuntu, a community developed product, has gained considerable popularity in research and academic organizations, due to its feature of customizability.

The unique aspect of Ubuntu is its user-friendly features, similar to Windows OS that enable its use even by non-programmers. This can be attributed to the fact that Ubuntu leverages a Graphical User Interface (GUI), known as GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) as well as a set of Linux desktop applications.

Ubuntu is a community developed OS that is backed by full commercial support from Canonical Ltd. It incorporates a wide choice of applications such as email applications, programming tools, web server software, and word processing just to name a few. One can procure Ubuntu in both editions of the desktop as well as the server.
The new version of Ubuntu is released every six months. Each new release of Ubuntu has the commitment of security update for a minimum period of 18 months by Canonical Ltd. 

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