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Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an enhanced and improved successor to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL has been renamed as TLS in 1999 and TLS 1.3 aims to improve upon all the vulnerabilities that have experienced in the previous versions putting internet communication at risk. The TLS is a protocol that ensures more secured communication on the internet between two networks. With TLS, communication over a network like emails, file transfers, VOIP, data transfers can be performed in a more secure and private form. TLS protocol comes in two forms.

One is the TLS handshake protocol that allows the clients and the web server to identify and authenticate each other. The two networks (server and client) work out an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys before any correspondence is exchanged. Usually, in normal practice, only the server is authenticated while the client is not verified. TLS encrypts both the parties ensuring that no outside party can intercept or tamper with the data that is being exchanged.

The second type is the TLS Record protocol secures the application data keys that are built while performing the TLS Handshake. The TLS Record verifies the originality of the data and performs functions like encrypting all outgoing messages and decrypting incoming messages.

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