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Tier 4 Data Center

Tier 4 data center offers a fault tolerant site infrastructure. It guarantees the maximum uptime and comes with 99.995 % availability. They will have the interruption of only 8 hours in an entire year. It is complete in redundancy in all aspects of the data center requirements that include power circuits, HVAC systems, servers, chillers, storage, uplinks, backups, network, and cooling systems. It is built with capabilities to withstand the most untoward technical incidents with disturbing the server performance. It comes with 2N +1 redundancy. Tier 4 allows hot-swapping disk change where a faulty component can be replaced without causing any hindrance to the server. The tier 4 site infrastructure is built on the tier3 adding the concept of fault tolerance.

Tier 4 data center is considered as the most powerful and a strong infrastructure and is the least susceptible to failures. Large business houses, organizations with mission-critical operations host their computer systems and servers in tier 4 data centers. Fault tolerant here allows a single point of failure of any component which will not have an impact on the performance of the computer equipment. It has the capability of self-heal wherein it resists and prevents further damage to the site. All the component in the computer system can be removed and replaced at any moment of time in a planned activity without disturbing them or having any impact on the other parts of the computer system. The computer system can afford to indulge in taking the risk of removing any component for replacement as it has redundancy in infrastructure.

The biggest benefits with tier 4 data center are that the site will not be affected to any disruption of service from any single point of unplanned activity like the component failure. The maintenance works can be performed to win a planned event by moving the computer system to the redundant components that are available. 

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