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Tier 3 Data Center

Tier 3 data center is above the Tier 1 and tier 2 data centers in uptime availability and redundancy. It is expected to be a redundant data center with concurrent maintenance.  The classification is based on several factors like power availability, cooling solutions, safety norms etc. The uptime will be the maximum in the highest tier. The requirements of a Tier 3 data center have all the specifications that the Tier 1 and Tier 2 data centers call for and in addition dual powered equipment (power backups, cooling system accessories like ATS, switches, fuel) and multiple uplinks.

Tier 3 data center offers 99.982% availability. They come with high redundant components and have multiple distribution paths. This ensures that the data center will not be shut down for repairs, maintenance or equipment replacement. The Tier 3 data center will not have more than 1.6 hours of downtime in a year redundancy of N+1.

Tier 3 data center has to maintain diesel generators as a backup in case of any power outages. The backup generator is connected to an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that shifts the load on the generator at times of power failure. The tier 3 data center generally have 2 ATSs connected in parallel to maintain redundancy and concurrent maintainability. The generators need to have at least 12 hours of fuel supply.  The power to the IT infrastructure is distributed via the UPS. The UPS in turn supplies the power to the server racks.

However, a Tier 3 data center is vulnerable to disruption from any unexpected and unplanned activity and will definitely have an effect on the IT environment causing business being unavailable till normalcy is restored.  Any planned activity like maintenance or replacement is generally performed after the IT infrastructure burden is moved on the alternate redundant parts without causing any disruption the operations of server infrastructure located at the data center.

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