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Tier 2 Data Center

Data centers have been classified into 4 different tier systems by the Uptime Institute to determine the availability of a data center. Availability here means the maximum uptime guarantee that a website will be online.

Tier 2 data center offers a little improvement and better uptime than the Tier 1 data center with an uptime availability of 99.75% which is higher than the 99. 67% uptime assured in Tier 1. These two type of data centers are usually preferred by businesses that have budget constraints and are not so particular about the uptime requirements. The businesses are not time-bound in their delivery of services. Small and medium businesses that are not bound to operate 24/7 usually opt for this type of data centers. They are the most affordable and work.

The tier 2 data center is allowed interruptions of up to 22 hours in a year and comes with partial redundancy. It has redundant capacity components in the form of extra engine diesel generators, UPS systems, cooling units, chillers, heat rejection, and air distribution devices, fuel tanks with 12 hours of fuel available on-site. It comes with a single non-distribution path. This allows the maintenance and technical workers to do their work without disturbing the availability of the website while performing repairs. The maintenance is typically scheduled for three times in two years i.e. once every eight months. But the site infrastructure requires to be shut down at times of complete maintenance to safely perform the work and any emergencies that call for repairs also may have a disruption in services. Maintenance typically is performed at night times and any delay and if maintenance is not undertaken the infrastructure may create unplanned disruptions. The tier 2 data center can have operational impacts during both planned like a component replacement or general maintenance and unplanned activities like sudden failure or outages.

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