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Tier 1 Data Center

Every online business needs maximum uptime for their websites to be available to their customers. They rely on the data centers providers and host their sites with them.  Data centers are classified into four tiers based on their infrastructure capabilities. The data center tier 1 to 4 is based on the uptime guarantee offered by the owner The classification helps in determining the data center uptime guarantee, performance, investment and the ROI (return on investment). Tier 1 offers the least uptime availability with 99.671% uptime availability. It has an annual downtime average of 28.8 hours each year.

While offering 99.671% availability, Tier 1 data center comes with nil redundancy and a single distribution path. It is basically only space for housing the server without much security measures. It is the cheapest amongst all the tiers but also the most erratic and most unreliable in performance. The Tier 1 data center comes with only the basic components without any form of backup supply and infrastructure. Websites may experience server downtime at times of power outages. 

Tier 11 is more reliable and exceeds the requirements of Tier 1 with downtime of 22.68 hours and 99.741% uptime availability. Tier 111 is considered the ideal for businesses that run round the clock and need maximum uptime. It offers 99.98% uptime availability and downtime of only 1.6 hours in a year. Tier IV data center is the most powerful and robust having the best uptime of 99.999% and guarantees the least downtime of only 0.438 hours. Businesses with high critical and confidential operations normally host on the Tier IV data center.

The tier 1 data center is most suitable for businesses that do not expect much traffic and look for the most affordable facilities. They typically work in the normal business hours and close shop during off hours. The maintenance facilities are also not suitable to businesses that run their websites 24/7. 

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