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Terminal Server

The terminal server basically refers to hardware devices which allow one or multiple terminals to connect to the LAN or Local Area Network or to the Internet without their being the need for every terminal to own a NIC (Network Interface Card) or a modem. These terminals can be personal computers and other devices with RS-232 or RS-423 serial port interfaces. When you choose different models of terminal servers, you can get different types of interconnections; you can even configure these depending on your requirements. The key reason for using a terminal is that every terminal will not require a network interface card and connection resources within the server are to be dynamically shared by all terminals that are attached to it.

The Terminal Server Architecture Typically Consists of the:

 - Windows Server 2003 multi-user kernel.
 - The Terminal Server Licensing Service which lets terminal servers to get and manage client access license or Terminal Server CAL tokens.
 - The Remote Desktop client which is the software establishing and maintaining connections between clients and servers running the Terminal Services.
 - Session Directory Services which maintains a list of the sessions indexed by usernames. This allows the users to reconnect to the Terminal Server where his disconnected session is residing and then resumes this session. 

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