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Wiki | T | Telnet


Telnet refers to a Terminal Emulation program which is designed for the IP Networks or TCP Networks like the Internet. This program will run on your desktop and it will connect the computer to servers on the network. You are able to enter commands through this program and these are executed in the manner they would be executed if you were to enter them on the server console directly. So, it allows you to communicate with servers on any network. The Telnet is essentially a user command for accessing remote servers. Through this, an administrator or a user is able to remotely access someone else’s PC.

To start the Telnet session, you must be able to log into a server using a valid password and username. You can log on like any regular user with privileges which you are entitled to regard specific data on a computer. The command is mostly used by developers who need to use specific data and applications which are located in a specific host computer. So, Telnet is basically a protocol that allows you to connect to servers that are remotely located. These are called hosts and the connection takes place across an IP network like the Internet. When the Telnet client can set up a connection with the remote computer, it behaves like a virtual terminal and lets you interact with the remote computer from your own PC. In most situations, it is necessary to log in using your own unique password and ID but at times you can also log in as “guest” when you do not have an account. 

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