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TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) refers to the set of communication protocols which is used for connecting hosts on the web. The TCP/IP makes use of multiple protocols, primarily the IP and TCP. This is built inside the UNIX operating system and used by the Internet so that it becomes the accepted standard for data transmission across networks. Networking OS have their individual protocols like Netware supports TCP/IP.

So, the TCP/IP is the basic language for communication across the Internet and may be used as communication protocols within a private network. When you get installed with a direct connection to the web, your computer is given a copy of this program and you are free to send messages to all other computers that have a copy of the TCP/IP. It is double layer program where the higher layer or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) looks after assembling of messages and files into small packets sent across the Internet and these get received by another TCP layer which re-assembles these into the original messages. The lower layer or IP (Internet Protocol), will look after the address portions of each of these packets to ensure they reach the correct destinations. So, TCP/IP will use a client/server model for communications where the user or client requests and is given services by another computer or server in a network. 

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