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TCP expandable to Transmission Control Protocol is a network communication regulation adopted to send data packets over the internet. TCP interacts with the Internet Protocol(IP) to design how the information (both received and sent) has to be bundled into packets and delivered to the destination. IP defines how one computer sends the packet to another on the internet in one or two intervals.

The TCP ensures the reliability of data that is being transmitted across the internet connected networks. It is a transport layer protocol that guarantees delivery of the messages over the networks and the internet. Before the process is started the TCP creates a connection between the original source and the destination source and keeps it active until the communication process is completed. TCP creates large data into smaller packets at the origin source and reassembles it at the destination source before delivering it. It checks the packets for errors and sends back the packet if any errors are found with a request to resend the packet with corrections. To avoid latency while following the retransmission of data some applications rely on User Datagram Protocol(UDP). 

The TCP/IP address is not easy to remember as it involves a set of numbers and usually to avoid any confusion a domain name is created which is much easier to remember. Three commonly used TCP/IP protocols are:

1. HTTP: that transfers non secure data between a website server and a web client (internet browser or user). The browser sends a request which the web server responds and sends the requested page.

2. HTTPS: Same process as above but the data transmission is a secured data like credit card or personal information from a client to a web server.

3. FTP: Used between two or more systems with one sending and other receiving information directly. 

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