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Storage Service Provider (SSP)

The storage service provider (SSP) is an organization that offers storage space and other related services like data backup, archiving and recovery services to business houses over the internet. The provider creates and manages the space and has the ability to consolidate the data of business from various locations and allows them to share the data in an efficient way. The services vary provider to provider. There are some who only specialize in providing limited storage services with periodic backup services that are suitable to individuals and small businesses. The storage service provider is also referred to as an online storage provider, a cloud storage service provider. SSP is also referred to as Storage as a Service (SaaS)

The storage service providers offer storage resources for public access over the internet in the forms of websites, network applications and application programming interface(API) using the storage area network(SAN). It enables high-speed data transfer allowing consolidated storage through a network of devices accessible to multiple users. It has many benefits like unlimited storage, high-speed transfer of data with centralized backup and robust failover protection. 

Storage service providers offer more advantages than the in-house storage. The locally managed storage will require the user to keep expanding their storage capacity with their growing business. They have faster access and control over the data. They will need to have provision for human resources to manage, maintain and administer the entire process. By opting for the managed storage services the businesses are freed from investing on the infrastructure. The providers offer strong SLAs and adhere to all the safety regulations.

Disaster recovery and data protection services are more efficient. The storage service providers offer daily or weekly data backup based upon the volume of data and is duplicated and stored away from the premises which ensure that the data is safe even at times of disasters and outages. 

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