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Spam Blocker

When we speak of spam blocker, we refer to computer software which has been specifically designed to block spam or unsolicited emails which are usually sent in bulk to many recipients. These emails tend to clutter the inboxes of your email clients and the spam blocker stops this from happening. The spam blocker is also commonly called the spam filter or anti-spam utility or spam-fighter. This software has come a long way from identifying keywords within the message subject line to making use of very advanced technology such as Bayesian filter and other heuristic filters for detecting spam by watching out for suspicious word patterns.

The spam blocker is, therefore, specialized software and is a simple method for blocking unsolicited emails which are collectively called spam. These messages are typically sent by advertisers to many clients in bulk. Some of the spam blockers are genuine programs even when they are small. Some are custom configurations within a client’s filter functions so that they can identify keywords in message subject lines. However, this second type is known to have drawbacks. So, spam messages which escape this spam filter are known as false negatives and the legitimate emails which are blocked have been termed as the false positives. The spam filters will contain lists which have addresses which are allowed to pass through or get blocked. So, the addresses that are permitted to pass are typically placed on what is called the “white list” while the addresses which are blocked fall in the “blacklist”. 

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