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Spam is the uninvited and unsought emails that are sent over the internet. The sender floods the internet by sending the email to numerous visitors in the form of bulk mail. The email lists are either generated from Spambots or can be obtained from organizations that deal with creating email distribution for commercial purposes. Since it is of no use to the receivers it is typically treated as junk email and spammed.

Spam is somewhat similar to the marketing calls that you get occasionally on your telephone. The difference is that the receiver does not spend any money for receiving the call but here they have to pay for the internet charges even if they have not called for the email. The spam emails are typically messages on untrustworthy products or services.

While some spam emails are harmless carrying only promotional content which can be deleted and directed straight into the trash box, there is also the possibility of the spam emails with malicious content. Here the spammers fake the sender’s domain name and if the receiver responds to the email they are more than likely to get their account compromised. The immediate action should be to delete and block the messages.

Spam targets everyone. Most of the messages are worthless and are categorized into different types. One commonly found spam emails is the “lucky winner” to lure and convince the recipients to part with their bank account details as if they would transfer the winning amount. Then there is the “free product spam” which say you are the lucky winner of a product. Another type of spam is the “enhancement products” and “weight loss” click here and you see a horde of pills, capsules, powders that claim to do wonders on you. Another type of spam is spreading of porn content with pictures and videos. 

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