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Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared Web Hosting Service is best suited for offices where there is much staff working together on one shared server. Shared Hosting Service not only provides for an unparalleled network with high speed but also offers high-end services such as multiple gigabytes along with expanded connections.

There are some prominent points to be kept in mind while selecting the best web hosting service provider. The foremost thing that should be considered is the infrastructure stability of the service provider. Secondly, make sure that the company you select has a strong network of servers that are always up and running. Many companies nowadays also provide back-up generators in case of any power failure.

The shared web service provider should provide 24x7-customer support via email as well as telephone. This is beneficial in case of power failure, server down, problems with bandwidth allocation, as the client knows where to go. The service provider should ensure proper data security and confidentiality of all operations. This is a vital issue in the shared web hosting service. There are two types of shared web hosting – "IP-based" and "name-based". Name-based shared hosting has an IP, which is used for simple websites. However, in case of confidential transactions, the company should make use of IP-based web hosting to maintain complete secrecy of operations. Make sure your service provider has a provision for this.

The service provider you choose should offer customization of hosting plans so that the client can easily formulate a plan that meets its own company’s requirements.

The importance of choosing the best-shared web hosting service provider is reflected in the above-mentioned points. Try to find the most reliable partner that offers these services at unfeigned prices to make your company grow in the right direction. 

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