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Server Room

The server room is the place where computer servers are stored and operated. It can be situated in office premises or can be part of a huge data center infrastructure. It can be designed to house from few to hundreds of servers and consists of CPU components.

Servers can be positioned in different ways including rack mounted, in blade enclosures, or towers. The server room is designed to provide operational and environmental facilities for operating enterprise-class servers. Monitoring and controlling operations of servers are performed outside the server room via server administrator system.

Redundancy of power supply is of utmost importance for smooth operations of the server room. Adequate fire protection measures are essential to protect servers from fire hazards. The server room is equipped with efficient lighting.

The exclusive room is essential for housing servers to ensure protection from climate and other factors that can adversely affect performance. Keeping servers in the isolated environment of the server room also provides seamless security from intruders. Server rooms are provided with specialized climate control and air filtration systems and secured with biometric or other high-end access control systems. 

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