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Server Rack

The server rack is a storage type component that houses the IT infrastructure and other mission-critical assets of a business. The main purpose of the server rack is to store the servers in a neat and proper way of taking care of features like power distribution, cooling and cable management. They are specially designed to meet the varying needs of businesses. The typical standard that is specified is the 42U in height. U is the rack unit with one unit being equal to about 1.75 inches. The commonly used server rack come in two width sizes of 19 inches and 23 inches. Server racks have been coming with a depth of 20 to 25 inches but as technology developed and with the introduction of blade servers they are being designed to something of 35 to 42 inches. Server racks come in two types. One is the 4-post square hole rack and the other is a 2-post square -hole rack.

Server racks are also known as rack enclosures, rack cabinets or equipment racks. They have front and rear doors which are either perforated (open frame) or solid (fully enclosed). Perforated doors are ideal as it allows optimized cooling and are easy for wiring and cabling. They come in the sizes of 16U to 58U. They are easier to install too. They maintain the standard ventilation requirement of 63%. The fully enclosed server rack offers the highest level of equipment security. They are lockable from both front and back. These server racks are generally available in the sizes of 18U to 42U. The side panels are removable that allows easy access for cabling and power distribution. The racks usually come in three hole types of the square, round and threaded. The square hole is widely preferred as it makes installation of equipment easier and faster.

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