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Server Migration

Server Migration is a process in which data is transferred from one server to another. This transfer might be required for any number of reasons, such as security, compatibility, and performance. It could be done from one server to another server of the same configuration within the same location or to a different location. It could also be done from one type of server to a different type of server.

Migration of servers is carried out by an expert team of professionals who handle servers. A detailed plan is generally prepared to ensure that this process is carried out without any hassles. This plan is required when a huge volume of data is to be transferred during the course. Back-up of the old data is taken in order to ensure the safety of data.

Server Migration requires changing name servers from old one to the new one. Name servers tell where the data is now present against a particular domain name. Thus, when a user types the domain name in the browser, the new name servers are pointed.

Depending on how server migration takes place, there may or may not be certain downtime. Proper communication for the visitors is displayed during this course if downtime is inevitable. 

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