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Server Message Block

The server message block is also referred to as SMB and is a message protocol used for sharing files, services, and directories by DOS and Windows. There are many SMB supported networks such as NetBIOS, Lan manager, Lan Server, Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT just to name a few. This application layer protocol provides shared access to serial ports, printers, and client files to enable network communications.

SMB enables NetBIOS transport via Windows and uses servers and platforms by Windows.

Server Message Block protocol also helps users open, read and write files via network access. There are many versions of SMB introduced by Microsoft including SMB 2.0, SMB 2.1, SMB 3.0, SMB 3.0.2, and SMB 3.1.1.

Server Message Block leverages client-server approach. There are different ways an SMB can be used for communication such as accessing filesystems, file server, inter-process communication (IPC). IPC uses SMB for establishing communication between computers and processes.

SMB has been commonly used for accessing printers and filesystems on servers. Updated versions of SMB deal with the issue of latency caused primarily due to the fact that SMB is a block level protocol. 

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