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Server Hosting

Server hosting implies hosting content and services over the internet for users. It is a term used for website hosting but is extended to host other forms of content too like games, images or files.

Server hosting comes in various forms. One is the shared server where numerous websites share a server called as shared hosting. All the resources in a server are shared among the multiple users. Then the other form is the dedicated server where a single customer makes use of the entire server for their website. It does not involve any sharing with other websites. The single user is in charge that has complete control over the server resources.

Shared hosting is the least expensive form of server hosting while dedicated hosting is the most expensive form. There is yet another form that lies somewhere in between called VPS server hosting. In VPS a large server is split into smaller servers and each of the smaller servers is offered to users. Though it involves sharing of server resources, each unit functions independently and has same features like a dedicated server. 

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