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Serial Server

The serial server is designed as a networking device to facilitate data transfer between the serial port of a given device or a computer and Ethernet local area network. It enables serial devices including a climate control system, medical device, or printer to be included in the network by obviating the computer’s serial port. The serial server is used to access devices from any location.

Networking of devices is facilitated through Ethernet cables. Serial server ensures the creation of serial ports that have the virtual interface. Depending upon the use a serial server can be either an intricate system or a simple device. Complex serial servers are built to be secure with encryption and multiple layers of authentication. Such serial servers are commonly used in industrial operations, healthcare, and other scenarios involving extremely high security.

We can use serial servers for networking of printers, scanners, medical equipment, industrial machines, robotics, and so forth. By arranging the required assignment of IP address a serial server can be accessed without any hassles. Simple serial servers are usually seen in offices where there is no need for a secure environment. Serial server transforms devices into networked devices for remote maneuvering. 

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