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SEO Hosting

SEO hosting is a process adopted for optimizing a website’s rank on different search engines. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It adopts varying methods to ensure that a website gets better visibility, more traffic, and better sales. It is important for every website to get visitors who can increase sales by making purchases. Building an attractive website will not generate sales. It has to be exposed across the internet for people to know that the website exists. Only then will it get visitors.

SEO hosting comes in the form of online marketing campaigns that could include IPs, domain names, multiple websites, DNS and Class Cs. The multiple Class-C IP SEO allows webmasters to host multiple websites from one control panel while assigning the websites individual unique IP addresses. It enables the user to get links from other sites to their own I.e. the multiple sites are linked to one website which is very effective for SEO purpose. The search engines give a higher ranking to a site with links from the other sites located on the unique Class C IP address. SEO hosting practice is categorized into on-page content SEO and off-site content SEO. On-Page content SEO include single-topic articles that are unique with a relevant title, sub-headings, title tags, internal linking and with images and captions. The off-site comes in the form of links to another website, social media activity and similar.

The web hosting providers provide tools and other kits to ensure that the website is available all the time focusing on how fast a page is uploaded, reliability with the least outages, creating good content and make it easily accessible without the fear of bugs or wasting time to search for the required content. SEO hosting packages come in shared SEO hosting, VPS SEO hosting and dedicated SEO hosting

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