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Secure Socket Layer

Secure socket layer (SSL) is a standard security protocol that establishes an encrypted link between a server and a user’s browser. It provides a secure system that allows any sensitive personal information of a client like credit card details or bank account details to pass through safely without the risk of being legible. Even if the information is intercepted by an outside party or a cybercriminal, they will not be able to understand the content. SSL is a transparent system of security for the end-user to learn that the server is safe. SSL displays a padlock on the client browser and an extended validation SSL find a green bar along with the padlock. All SSL secured websites start with https instead of HTTP. 

Socket security layer uses a combination of public key and symmetric key encryption to get a secured connection between the web server and the end user's browser. It is a technique of using a secret key to lock and unlock the information that has to be exchanged.  The key could be in numerical or a string of alphabets. Both the sender and receiver generally are aware of the secret key and they can encrypt and decrypt the information with the secret key. The asymmetric encryption is the other method normally followed where both public and private keys are used to lock and unlock the information being transmitted between the web server and the client browser. Messages encrypted by the public key can only be decrypted by a private key and all information encrypted by the private key can only be decrypted by a public key.
Socket security layer was first developed in the 1990s by Netscape communications and since then has come in different versions with many transformations making it more secure. The SSL 3.1 version was released and is called Transport Layer Security (TSL) with many amendments looking to remove the limitations that have been experienced in the earlier versions. 

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