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SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

The SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) refers to a standard interface that is used to connect peripheral devices to the desktop. This can typically connect 16 peripheral devices by using one bus and a host adaptor. The SCSI has been introduced to accelerate performance and deliver faster data transfer, offer expansion for devices like the CD ROM drives and DVD drives, scanners, CD writers etc. It is also used with RAID servers and storage area network SCSI comes with a controller which is responsible for sending data between the SCSI bus and devices. The controller has the basic I/O system and is a tiny chip which offers the necessary software for accessing and controlling devices.

So, the SCSI comprises of parallel interface standards which have been developed by the ANSI or American National Standards Institute for the purpose of attaching printers and scanners, and other peripherals to the personal computers. It is supported by all key operating systems. The SCSI is often used for tape drives and hard disk drives although they can even be connected to scanners and other devices. However, all controllers cannot handle all kinds of devices.  The SCSI devices which are of the same category will also have identical features, so it is easy to replace them. The SCSI peripheral devices are independent and smart so that the computer can continue to perform other work. 

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