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Remote Desktop Services

RDS – Remote Desktop Services is basically a broad term for Microsoft Windows Server’ features which permit users to access the Windows applications and graphical desktops remotely.

Its Components Include -

Remote Desktop Gateway - It allows the connectivity to RemoteApp programs and virtual desktops on the internet. 

Remote Desktop Connection Broker - It connects users to the remote desktops. In case, the user loses the connectivity, then this desktop connection broker permits users to again make the connection not losing the state of the virtual desktop.

Remote Desktop Virtualization Host - It is the component which hosts the virtual desktops.

Remote Desktop Licensing - It tracks the usage of license for the RDS deployment.

Remote Desktop Web Access - It lets the users access RemoteApp programs or remote desktops via start menu or web browser.

Remote Desktop Session Host - It permits a server in order to host the RemoteApp programs or session-based desktops. 

These are an essential part of the Windows Server 2008 which permits the user to access and communicate with the machines virtually. A few virtual technology based services include session-based desktops, data center apps, outside desktops in the corporate as well as internet-based network. These are used to accelerate the desktop and application deployment while allowing clients/customers to run any OS or application. 

Initially, RAM was known as terminal services. These services control that which remote desktop host could be accessed or who could access them.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Services -

• The capability to run an application or complete desktop on the centralized servers

• Provisions of desktop or application window and integration of remote and local apps as well as programs

• Management of virtual machine desktops, session-based desktops, and apps on the centralized servers

• Capability to secure and safe the remote access connections with no need of establishing VPN connection 

Also, Remote Desktop Services permits an efficient deployment, while offering a software maintenance plan which is well-suited to any business environment. 

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