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Red Hat

Red Hat Inc. is a multinational software company based in America. It provides open source software products to the business community. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. It has satellite offices everywhere across the world. The company is known for many of its prominent products that include the Enterprise Linux which is an operating system. It also offers an enterprise virtualization solution called the RHV. In addition, the company specializes in domains such as storage, middleware, OS platforms, applications, products for management, training, and support as well as consultation services.

Red hat is responsible for creating, contributing and maintaining several free software projects. Through strategic mergers and alliances, the company has managed to acquire the product code bases of several kinds of proprietary software and has released the software under open source licenses. After tech giant Intel the company happens to be the second largest contributor for the Linux Kernel of version 4.5.

The company operates on a business model that is a professional and open source and is based on open code. You have customer support, complete quality assurance that is professional in nature and community development. Customers pay a single comprehensive price for limitless access to the services offered by the company network and also for round the clock support.

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