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RAP as a Service

RAP or Risk Assessment Program as a Service is basically a service provided by Microsoft, which helps IT experts in order to assess and analyze current systems. The process includes collecting information, regarding user processes remotely as well as remote input through Microsoft-accredited engineers.

Often, it is referred to as the Risk and Health Assessment Program as a Service. The aim behind Risk Assessment as a Service is troubleshooting and diagnosis of systems could be delivered, similar to other services on the internet. The idea behind SaaS or Software as a Service begun as new computing models invented and businesses started offering software services on the internet in comparison to boxes or proprietary networks. With the time, various categories got added like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Communications as a Service (CaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Having RAP as a service, the remote service can analyze events such as hung screens, slow boot time, problems and crashes with the transaction speed. The idea behind providing credentialed and skilled engineering on the internet are now and it’s gaining attention from the developers and team of IT experts.

RAP as a service promotes an idea which could be performed by any engineering service and specialized software as a service model. Also, it needs private information, regarding end-user focused in the remote system; however it also benefits organizations via permitting robust data collection as well as the close view of the system in order to fix out the problems correctly.

Advantages of RAP as a Service:-

• Online Delivery via Microsoft Credited Engineer
• Assessment result is available online
• Remote Delivery Convenience means the negligible impact on IT staff and environment
• Conveniently share the results with IT staff in the organization
• Minimize support costs by exposing operational and configuration issues prior they affect the business
• The re-asses environment in order to track the progress
• Scheduling options are flexible
• Access to the finest practice updates for a year with Premier Support Contract 

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